Our Testimonies


Roland was raised in a Methodist church until his father moved the family to join an independent Baptist Church, believing they were not being taught the whole counsel of God. They became members of a Baptist church, in which at one point he went up for salvation under the convicting work of the Spirit. His life remained unchanged for the most part until many years later; while attending a service with Vera, he came under the conviction of the Holy Spirit again. Roughly two weeks later, while working on a lake as a commercial fisherman, he accepted Christ as Saviour and surrendered to God’s call on his life at the age of 31. He promised God to do anything and go anywhere God asked him: full surrender to God’s will in and with his life.


Vera was brought up in a Southern Baptist church through the influence of her Christian grandmother. Her father died when she was a child. Her mother did everything she could to provide a stable home. At the age of 13, Vera was baptized and joined that Southern Baptist church; however, there had been no conviction of the sin in her life. In fact, it was not until she was married and her husband, Roland, received Christ as his Saviour, that Vera really saw a Spirit-changed life. At the age of 26, a few weeks after Roland’s salvation, she realized her sinfulness and the fact she was destined for an eternity in torments separated from God. Shortly after, she went forward during an invitation and accepted Christ.